Thursday, 30 June 2016

Remember these Auto Air Conditioning Tips from Reliable Mechanics

When it comes to auto air conditioning, the Sunshine Coast can be a demanding environment. With warm temperatures year round, the air conditioning system gets a lot of work, and is vital for driver and passenger comfort on your commute or road trip. What Goes Wrong? What makes an air conditioner fail? Problems can usually be traced to degeneration of the refrigerant gas used to cool the air. When there isn't enough pressure in the system, a vacuum is formed, damaging components and causing leaks.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Maintaining Luxury Cars: What Happens During an Interim Car Service

Servicing your car is one of the essentials of keeping it in good working order for a long time. A car service should be done by a professional who understands what your vehicle needs. There are experts on the Sunshine Coast that can provide maintenance for different types of car. If you have a European luxury vehicle, then you will want to make sure that experienced mechanics handle it. Car servicing is usually available in different kinds, and one of them is interim service. Before getting a car service, it’s good to know what is entailed and the best time to get it.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Right Way to Care for Your Auto Air Conditioning in the Winter

As winter approaches, you’re probably starting to use your car’s air conditioning system less and less. Pretty soon, you may cease to use it altogether. Most car owners believe that they can forget about their AC system until the warm weather comes around again, but this kind of thinking could cause an AC system to decline to the point needing the services of a good Sunshine Coast mechanics. Here are some simple ways to ensure that your AC system will still be in tiptop condition once the cold season is over. Let the AC system run for about ten minutes once every week It’s important to continue using your vehicle’s AC throughout winter. This will maintain the gas pressure necessary to keep the compressor working properly. Try to run the system at least 10 minutes per week.