Friday, 22 July 2016

Compressor Problems in Auto ACs: Facts from Sunshine Coast Mechanics

Driving a car without sufficient air conditioning can be torture during some times of the year. When the temperatures are high, your auto AC becomes our best friend. It can be frustrating when it stops providing the comfort you expect. A faulty auto AC can be the result of any number of factors. It will be easier to find mechanics on the Sunshine Coast to provide the solution when you know how to detect AC problems. For one, a defective compressor may be one reason your luxury car’s air conditioning is failing. It helps to develop a rudimentary grasp of how an AC compressor functions and what could be wrong.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Summer Preparations for Your Mercedes: Car Service in Sunshine Coast

As much fun as summer can be, it can also take its toll on your luxury car. Most people make preparations for winter weather but forget about the summer. The heat and sunshine of this season can have different effects on our vehicle, not to mention the temperature drops in the evening. Thus, it would be perfect to schedule a routine check from Sunshine Coast car service professionals just before summer or as short while after. A mechanic will conduct inspections and provide tips on how to keep your Mercedes working perfectly during summer.