Monday, 26 September 2016

Sunshine Coast Mechanics Reveal 5 Signs of an Air Conditioning Problem

Naturally, you need your car air conditioner the most during the warm seasons, and with summer fast approaching, you need to ensure that your AC is in good working condition right before the sun is in full swing. So have you checked your AC lately? Your Sunshine Coast mechanics reveal to you the signs that indicate you need to have your AC checked.

Loss of cooling capability

The first warning sign is the most obvious: cold air no longer comes out of your AC blowers. If you turn on the cooling unit and you get nothing out of the vents but warm or hot air, either you are out of refrigerant, have damaged cooling fans, or have clogged vents.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Sunshine Coast Car Service: What to Do When Your Car Gets Flooded

Sunshine Coast and the rest of Queensland is certainly no stranger to extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain and flooding. Just recently in June, dozens of Brisbane roads become flooded, and plenty of cars were submerged in the process. So what do you do if floodwater finds its way into your car? Your Sunshine Coast BMW service experts recommend that you follow these steps:

Don’t start the car

If the floodwaters reached your engine, water has probably penetrated it, and starting the engine could damage it beyond repair. Check the engine oil dipstick and confirm if water has entered your engine’s cylinders. If you see water droplets, then don’t attempt to start the engine. Instead, choose to have it towed once the floodwaters subside.