Thursday, 22 December 2016

Sunshine Coast Car Service Recommends 5 Best Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts—there’s bound to be one in your close circle of family and friends. Though you can’t always buy a new car for that four-wheel lover in your life, there are plenty of more affordable gifts out there you can give them this coming holiday season. Your Sunshine Coast car service rounds up five of the best Christmas gift ideas for your resident car freak.
 Car-themed shirts
 If your car guy or gal spends much of their available time tweaking or fixing their car, then they’re definitely going to enjoy receiving a car-themed shirt. If you know their favourite make of car, searching for the perfect car shirt will be that much easier.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sunshine Coast Car Service Reveals 4 Ways to Reduce Vehicle Emissions

Air pollution is the scourge of many modern cities and locations, and Sunshine Coast is no different. It’s a well-known fact that motor vehicles are the number one source of urban air pollution. Though it’s the government’s job to regulate the air quality, each individual has their part to play in ensuring that their lifestyle causes the least amount of air pollution possible.
 While not everyone can afford to buy an electric or hybrid car, there are actually plenty of simple ways to reduce the amount of toxic CO2 that your car releases to the atmosphere. Check out these four vehicle emission reduction tips highly recommended by your favourite Sunshine Coast car service.

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sunshine Coast Car Service: Some Ways Why You May Be Killing Your Car

It doesn't matter whether you own the average everyday run-about car or a premium vehicle designed for peak performance. If you neglect it, then you are going to end up with problems that will ultimately lead to a shorter life expectancy for the engine. While murdering your vehicle is, as yet, not a crime that comes with capital punishment, it does come with a punishment on your capital – such mistakes can be costly, but ultimately, also easily avoided.
 Let's face it; people want to enjoy their car rather than spend endless hours under the bonnet. Here are some of the major crimes people commit every day against their 'loved one.'

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Car Service Sunshine Coast: Why Cars Today Are Safer than Ever Before

For premium carmakers like Mercedes-Benz, there have been some pretty amazing breakthroughs when it comes to vehicle safety. This means that drivers today have never been safer, and with even more innovations waiting on the sidelines, it is set to get even better. Here are several examples of the best new software that are designed to lower the chances of having a road accident.

Warning of Imminent Collision

Remember that a Mercedes service on the Sunshine Coast will ensure that everything is functioning correctly. If a driver is safe in the knowledge that their safety features are going to work, then they will have peace of mind while driving.

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