Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Get Regular Car Service to Promote Good Car Quality and Road Safety

Excessive oil consumption, smoke from tail pipe, low oil pressure and compression, tapping sounds or oil getting into the air cleaner are some of the typical symptoms of engine problems that are caused by poor maintenance. Maintenance costs might seem expensive, but when you focus on the implications brought about by neglecting regular car service to maintain your vehicle, you will end up having costly repairs consequently.  Here are ways to avoid common engine problems that could affect the quality of your car and put your road safety at risk.

Engine Overhaul

Engine overhaul is a repair problem you want to avoid. Rebuilding your engine means spending large amounts of money to get your vehicle back into full operation. Although this issue is rare, it is necessary to have experts check your car in good time. In most cases, engine overheating is the main cause of serious car damage. Letting your coolant level fall on a hot day, for instance, can lead to such a problem.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What to Do with Low Brake Fluid—Use a Car Service in Sunshine Coast

Your vehicle has brakes that allow you to halt safely even during emergencies. The moment your warning light comes on, you must contact your car service provider in Sunshine Coast immediately. Brakes are a major safety feature; you shouldn’t drive your car when they are not in the right condition. Normally, the light could simply mean the brakes need replacement soon, and it may also be a sign of leaking fluid, which is a more serious problem that requires immediate repair.

Worn Out Brake Pads

Due to low fluid levels, your brake pads could be worn out, causing the caliper piston to be pushed out of its housing. It is then moved to the brake pads, causing them to contact the rotor when the pedal is pushed. When this happens, the fluid level goes down over time. Your mechanic should replace the brake pads and top up the fluid to the maximum level. The fluid level tends to go down to the lowest mark when the pads wear. Before replacing the pads, however, the mechanic will first check if the brake fluid reservoir only needs to be topped off. Normally, the type of fluid your vehicle needs is always recommended in the owner’s manual or stamped on the top of the reservoir.

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